This website has gone back and forth between all posts, to all pages, to various combinations of posts and pages in various configurations.

At times I have focused on only one or a few audiences and at other times I have spread things out to accommodate many audiences.

At times I have focused on one or a few topics and at other times I have had myriads of topics and gone off in many directions.

I have been struggling behind all these fluctuations with discerning what my destiny calls me to do. Through all these gyrations, in my current life situation, I have tested many options I suspected might be my current calling. I have not yet determined for sure what the assignment might be.

I apologize for dragging you through so many changes of direction and indecisiveness.

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At least for today, I plan to pick one direction and take it until I am certain the Powers are telling me I’ve made the wrong choice. I plan. I don’t promise. I’ve far too easily broke so many promises, vows, and not followed up on intentions. I don’t trust myself so I have learned to not make promises.

You see, I have many, many interests. I want to pursue them all, but I have to admit I can’t. There is not enough time and I can only become proficient at a few things.

I also realize my website cannot be directed at a wide audience nor toward people uninterested in my topic.  I need to use it as a tool to help me stay focused.

I’m almost afraid to advertise what I plan to do next. I’ve needed to admit defeat so many times as each time I realize I was not headed the direction in which I was being called. The bigger problem is I still am not sure this direction I am choosing is the right one but I’m ready to start moving again and hope I don’t run into another brick wall.

Here it is. I have been building a world in my mind and a bit on paper, a world based on which I plan to write a story or stories. What I can post on this website and in the related blog posts are pieces of research, links to related web sites, and other such things which might generate discussion with interested parties who are interested in following along.

The world I’ve dreamed up and the stories based would include things like spirit beings, conflict in the corporeal world, conflict in a spirit world, and conflict between the corporeal world and a spirit world. There would be monsters and magic. Do these things interest you?

If you are interested in these kind of things, please send me some feedback through comments or by going to the contact page. I’m no expert on creating web sites so I will accept suggestions for improvement but I may require assistance to implement those improvements.

Thanks for accompanying me on this journey. I hope we all gain eternal progress and everlasting improvement as we go along together.

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