Coming Attractions

I don’t want to give away much of the gist of my world or my story (or stories), but I’m willing to drop some hints.

The back-story is the whole history and prehistory of this world, thousands of years of recorded history plus unfathomable years of prehistory, all those millennia multiplied by millennia, from before any civilizations devised ways to leave records, all the way back to the dawn of time.

At the point where we are first drawn into the story the protagonist has found an unusual object tucked away among his belongings. It tickles a memory in the back of his mind but he cannot quite remember when he stored this object or whether he even indeed was the one to have stored it.  Most certainly he did not remember where the object came from.

Time passes and the unusual object is again nearly forgotten until it and its owner become the focus of conflict as others discover the object and hear the protagonist’s explanation of what he finally remembers of its origin. Incredibly this one small, unusual object with no particularly threatening characteristics in the hands of one inconsequential individual becomes the catalyst initiating events which both reveal mysteries and unravel conventions long held without question.

As these mysteries are debated and many conventions which had been taken for granted for generations are mercilessly questioned, conflicts become more critical. Battle lines are drawn. Old alliances are broken and new ones are formed. Rivalries and antagonisms long forgotten are rekindled to levels of heat and hatred none living thought they would ever see.  It appears the long period of peace experienced between and within the realms could soon erupt into deadly conflict.

What is this object? Where did it come from? Why is the existence of this object so controversial? What long buried mysteries and controversies has it brought back to the surface? How could it motivate civilizations long at peace to once more erupt in conflict? How did the protagonist come into possession of it?

And why is it giving him such a headache?

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