What is Infinite Other?

The phrase “Infinite Other” came to me as a description of God, or at least as an attribute of God.

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

I have always understood God to be infinite, and as far as I know this is one of the basic attributes of God in orthodox theologies.

One day early in 2019 I had an epiphany about the infinite attribute of God. This particular day I tried, for the first time, to follow a procedure recommended for my prayer time. During the time I was supposed to be still and listen for what God might be trying to tell me, a thought come into my mind. If God is infinite, He has no start and no finish. There is no place where He is not.

This was not a pantheist idea. God is not everything and everything is not God. As I pondered it I thought about particle physics, and speculated God may be in the space “between” all subatomic particles, but He is not the subatomic particles.  God is separate from His creation, but He is all through it.  He is not the energy of photons and all those other ‘waves’ of energy. He is his own form of something like energy. He is personalities but yet beyond personalities. He is infinite otherness.

No one will ever be able to completely understand all of what God is, at least not in this life. We can relate to Him but we can’t take in all that He is. Finite beings can never fathom the infinite.

But to have a relationship with God I need to think of God as in an anthropomorphic way. Sure, I am making God in my own image, but God meets me where I am and speaks to me in terms I understand.

One way in which we are created in God’s image is we are also infinite, not in presence but in duration. Our ‘selves’ will never end.  Like God, we will never end, but unlike God, we have a starting point. Our starting point is in God.

The ultimate instance of God meeting me where I am, where we are, is the incarnation, when God became a human, Jesus Christ.  God wants us to think of Him in a way we can relate to Him, as long as we don’t pull God completely down to our level. God is not answerable to us. He owes us nothing and yet He is willing to give us everything, including Himself.”

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