People Prayers

1 Draw closer to you.
Experience the power of prayer.
Show what should change, how to change, and give the strength to do it.
Speak words of encouragement to others
Strength, courage and insight to be a friend to the friendless.
Wisdom and skill in driving.
A foundation for godly marriage in the lives of children.
Acquire the character traits of being loving, joyful, and peaceful.
Enjoy each day and the beauty of life.
Enjoy new relationships as well as established ones.
2 Come into every area of life and into all actions.
Worship you.
Continue to experience inner conversion, have true repentance, and experience your forgiveness.
Receive encouragement as well as give it.
Positive influence in the neighborhood.
Wisdom and grace to desire the right things.
Think about things true, honorable, just, pure, pleasing, commendable, excellent, of good report and worthy
of praise.
Acquire the character traits of being peace-maker, patient, and kind.
Enjoy healthy physical recreation.
3 Social needs be met in a positive way.
Appreciate praying, worshiping and studying the Bible alone, with family, and others.
Maintain a right relationship with you. Obey your commands.
Crave spending time with you more than any other way.
Reject ungodly, negative and discouraging thoughts.
Take on the role assigned in the family.
Wisdom in all things, including decisions about the future and in discerning your will.
Protection og mind and wisdom to feed the soul on godly meditations.
Acquire the character traits of being gentle, disciplined, pure of and heart.
Accept the body you have given.
4 Opportunities to grow spiritually and socially through wisely discerned forms of fellowship and worship you
Abandon without reserve to you, be totally available to you.
Have confidence in your leading.
Seek God in every way with whole heart, soul, mind, and strength.
Enjoy family.
Heart to have compassion for the have-nots and even adversaries.
Emotionally stability, especially in times of attack.
Know identity in Christ, a new creation.
Acquire the character traits of being sensitive of other’s feelings, humble, and courageous.
Healing of wounds of all kinds: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, etc.
5 All my relationships be blessings.
Trust you and increase confidence in you.
Have confidence in salvation.
Grow spiritually.
Enjoy work.
Position and disposition to serve others.
Be wise and discerning in the use of all media, leisure time, and all time in the light of eternity.
Reveal your will.
Acquire the character traits of being friendly, loyal, and considerate.
Protection from all forms of abuse.
6 Participate in edifying and supportive fellowship.
Experience your love, joy and contentment.
Deal with the pressures of life.
Have confidence in your love in order to communicate effectively thoughts and feelings.
Open up the future. Show the next step.
Step up and take on assigned battles.
Wisdom to learn from hard times, suffering and mistakes.
Make strengths and weaknesses line up with your design.
Acquire the character traits of being resourceful, full of faith, and teachable.
Wisdom to not misusing drugs or alcohol.
7 See Jesus fleshed out consistently in people encountered.
Use all the gifts you have given to serve you and do the best.
Strength and grace to be holy.
Opportunity and know how to help others grow in godliness.
Servant heart and be a good and faithful servant.
Respond the needs of others.
Wise counsel when it is needed from trustworthy people.
Live by the principles you have set in place.
Acquire the character traits of being trustworthy, persistent, and honest.
Protection of health and protection from physical harm.
8 Get along with everyone, as much as possible without compromising anything that you would not want compromised.
Model of godliness and purity.
Relate to you in the ways appropriate to each person of Trinity.
Talk about the relationship with you.
Be the instrument in your hands of your choosing, humble or great.
See Jesus in those who minister and in those ministered to.
Wisdom to take advantage of opportunities to study the right things which provide skills to do your will.
Sow to the Spirit and not to the flesh.
Acquire the character traits of being open, observant, and strong.
Protection from trauma of all kinds.
9 Courage and wisdom to resist negative peer pressure.
Be grateful for all things.
Resist and have victory over all forms of sexual temptation.
Be spiritually sensitive.
Priorities be set by God.
Understood by caring people. Remember to seek to understand rather than seek to be understood.
Wisdom to learn from and handle both success and failure.
Wisdom to know will reap what is sown.
Acquire the character traits of being positive, understanding, and generous.
Free of financial worries.
10 Respond properly to criticism.
Pray for anyone perceived as any kind of enemy.
Wisdom and strength to handle more responsibilities and resources to do your will.
Be examples of godly marriage in action.
Acquire the character traits of being intelligent, knowledgeable, and compassionate.
Opportunity and the wisdom to use wealth wisely.
Obey and respect all who have legitimate authority.
Those in authority respond with love.
Listen well to you and to others in authority.
Grace to relate to the opposite sex in a godly way.